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America’s News HQ

Dr. Duffy discusses the impact of being too connected to technology see the interview


The Morning Blend

 Don’t miss our in-depth interview today with Dr. John Duffy.  Today Dr Duffy will discuss the incredible amount of stress kids now experience in their daily lives. see the interview


The Today Show

Surviving “Daddy Guilt” see the interview


The Steve Harvey Show

Dr Duffy is excited to be a parenting and relationship expert appearing regularly on the show.

Fox TV

Good Day Chicago

What to do when you child hates their teacher. see the interview


The Morning Blend

Kids Talking Back to Parents is a huge issue that usually starts well before the teen years. Dr. John Duffy joins us to share some insight and tips for parents dealing with this behavior. see the interview

How to start a conversation about difficult topics?  Plus, keeping kids motivated through the home stretch of the school year. see the interview

Dr Duffy and a teen panel discuss the best ways to communicate with your teenagers. see the interview

Dr. Duffy is sharing his advice on how to manage the extra curricular activities that your kids may be involved in. see the interview

Dr. Duffy on the panel with great advice about bullying.  see the interview

Do you lie to your kids?  And when should you be sure to tell your kids the truth?  We ask the experts!
see the interview

Join us as we speak to Dr. John Duffy as he talks about how to engage kids for the summer, so that they aren’t sitting around playing video games all day. see the interview

Dr. Duffy and the panel talk about everything from grandparents to texting and driving.
see the interview

What are some good tips to keep a relationship from going stale?
see the interview part 1, part 2

Learning how to forgive someone. Is there a healthy way to hold a grudge?
see the interview part 1, part 2

Dr. Duffy participates in a lively panel discussion on parenting, marriage, and friendship.
see the interview part 1, part 2

Dr. Duffy talks about how to keep things in check for our kids, and to prevent a lot of excess during the holidays.  How to keep them involved in traditions or to establish new traditions they might engage in. see the interview

We talk to parenting expert, Dr. Duffy on teaching our kids responsibility and manners in this age of texting. see the interview

How should parents engage shy, non-assertive children?  Dr. John Duffy gives us advice on how challenge them to become more social.  Plus, what to do if your child is too social.​ see the interview

Dr. Duffy joins us to talk about how we can live without fear in the post 9/11 era, proving to us that there is still hope. see the interview

Join us as Molly and Tiffany chat with Dr. Duffy about the issues facing children as they return to school. see the interview

Dr. Duffy discusses how parents and kids can manage their time more effectively. see the interview

Dr. John Duffy talks about parents modeling behavior for their teens. see the interview

Dr. John Duffy on a new approach to parenting adolescents. see the interview

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