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Offering hope to your kids this Thanksgiving

I’m a lucky man in most every way. I have a beautiful family, and we share a beautiful life together. I have a career that is entirely fulfilling and has allowed me to create new bucket lists all the time, previous goals, hopes and aspirations being eclipsed in ways I still find breathtaking. In my [...]


The 2021 Mandate: An Aggressive Approach to Emotional Wellness

I woke up the Monday before Christmas to the alarming news of two suicides in my area in the past 48 hours, one a high school student, and one a dad. Three family crisis calls awaited me on voice mail as well, kids and parents who reached a tipping point of emotional difficulties reaching out. [...]


My First Thanksgiving

I’ve never been a big Thanksgiving guy. I find the meal to be bland, every element of it. Turkey? Eh. Gravy? Intestinal concrete. Mashed potatoes. Paste. Cranberry sauce is particularly morbid to me. I find the celebration, and often the conversation, to be forced. And it feels weird to be preparing and dining on a [...]


Post-Election, Your Kids Need Hope

It’s Sunday night, late. Election day is Tuesday. Julie just pointed out the degree to which I’ve been all over the map emotionally today. I’m on Twitter running numbers in swing states. I’m optimistic. I’m watching morning news. I’m crestfallen. I’m listening to Matthew McConaughey on a podcast. I’m allright allright allright, until I remember [...]


Fourth Quarter

For my clients, myself and my family, 2020 has offered a patchwork quilt of emotions, most of them painfully negative, the vast majority of which we could never have predicted as we rang in the new year. If I extrapolate my findings, we are a jittery, anxious, depressed, pre- and post-traumatic populace, white-knuckling through the [...]


Why Texting Rules: The Silver Lining Parents Are Missing

My son George, my one and only child, is now an 18-year-old man. In a few short months, we will be dropping him off at college. He's busy focusing on his senior year in high school. That moment hugging his Mom and I goodbye on some quad a few months from now isn't remotely on [...]


Foster the Big Moment: A Parent’s Mandate

My son George is a high school swimmer. He was a swimmer, I should say. The area Conference meet was held this past weekend, which also marked the final meet of George's high school career. As my wife Julie and I approached the pool, I was filled with anticipation and no small degree of bittersweet [...]


Nurturing Your Inner Adult

I have a brilliant young client who, in a burst of insight, offered the following in a recent session: "When you spend all of your time nurturing your inner child, you are that child." Man, he is so right. In this particular instance, the young man, we'll call him 'Tim,' was referencing his own mother, [...]


Book review: When Parents Text

In my work, I’ve been encouraging parents lately to communicate to their children via text. I’ve encountered abundant resistance to doing so, from “We Johnsons don’t communicate that way. We talk to each other,” to “I get headaches trying to focus on those damn little buttons.” But there is an increasing recognition that texting is [...]