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For Kids With O.C.D., Coronavirus Precautions Can Go Too Far

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When Isolation and Anxiety Take Its Toll: Expert Advice on Protecting Your Teen’s Mental Health

Taking Care of Your Child’s Mental Health During a Pandemic

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“Flattening the Second (Hidden) Curve: Our Emotional Well-Being”

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“To optimize your wellness after retirement, make sure to stimulate yourself mentally”, with Dr. John Duffy and Beau Henderson

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What one psychologist, whose brother died by suicide, wants parents to know about the new law prompted by Naperville boy’s death.

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How to Talk to Your Teen About the Dark Web

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Three ways to teach kids to find compassion and empathy behind the screen.

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La Grange psychologist on why ‘when I was your age’ doesn’t ring true, anymore

On Conscious Fatherhood

By Dr. John Duffy
A while back, I worked with a father who described a typical day in his home. His wife, the mother of their three children, does the lion’s share of the parenting. She prepares the meals, helps with the homework and puts the kids to bed each day. If his son or one of his daughters was going through something emotional, a bad grade, a breakup or some other social difficulty, well, Mom handled that as well. read more

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Why Not Let Children Choose Their Own Names?

John Duffy, a psychologist and the author of “The Available Parent,” who lives in Chicago, said he noticed a rise in children with “place holder” names. He has worked with children who have been allowed and encouraged to change their names to ones that they feel represent them better. read more

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Getting Into The Top Colleges: Are Parents Pushing Too Hard?

The first day of high school for a ninth grader is a bit like the Olympics opening ceremony for athletes: a prelude to the biggest race of their lives. The finish line? Senior year. The winners? The chosen handful of students accepted by the nation’s top colleges, our most prestigious universities. Or, maybe not. read more

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11 Truths Only People With High-Functioning Depression Will Understand

When we think of depression, we might imagine a person clutching a box of tissues and completely unable to make i