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On Discussing Race

Central Park & Minneapolis

John & Heidi’s Home Improvement Hour

The Future

The Ideal Pandemic Parenting Playbook?

Quarantine Day 4,387,46

So How’s That Quarantine Going?

Coping With Coronavirus

Does The Bachelor Reinforce Negative Ideas About Women?

Does The Female Form Make You Uncomfortable, Mr. Lebowski

Threads On The Campaign Trail

On Loosening Gender Norms

So How Bout That Half-Time Show?

On Keeping Your Marriage & Other Relationships Fresh & Vibrant

Could A Woman Really Be Elected President?

Porn Porn Porn Porn Porn

People Are Just People Are Just People…

The Holidays Are Weird And That’s Totally Normal

Let’s Talk About “Work” For A Minute…

Stop Picking These Fights With Your Teenager

Take 5 Minutes

Grown Ups Don’t Get It

Leading From A Place Of Empathy

Certain Topics You Can’t Ignore With Your Kids Anymore…

How Much Monitoring Is Too Much?

Protecting Our Kids, Tending To Our Relationships, & Coveting A Neighbor’s Style?

Celebrating Ourselves In The Age Of Social Media

On Post-Vacation Blues & Creating Gentler Relationships

Aziz Ansari & A New Dialogue

The Value Of Sports

Can Hate Speech Ever Be A Youthful Indiscretion?

The Roles We Play In Our Relationships

You Can Try Something Different

Mayor Pete’s Bullying Advice & What It Means

Alyssa Milano’s Sex Strike, Marriage-ology, & More!

What Our Cars Really Mean To Us

On The Overt and Subversive Nature Of Gender Roles

Is There Still Room For Single-Gender Spaces in 2019?

Male Friendships Revisited, Joe Biden, Leggings, & More!

What would the Monica Lewinsky scandal look like today