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Black Lives Matter

A Privileged White Man On Race

Quarantine Check In With Julie & John

Instagram Live Quarantine Parenting Q&A 5/7

BONUS: John’s Instagram Live Quarantine Parenting Q&A 4/30

Trader Judy

Bonus Episode: John’s IG Live Quarantine Q&A

Helping Those In Need During Quarantine

This Quarantined Life

Coronavirus Chronicles: Flattening The Second Curve

Coronavirus & A Temporary New Normal

Zen Parenting Wrap Up

Navigating The Terrain Of Our Adult Families

Where We Get Our Hope

On Kobe

Unexpected Chapters: The Joy & Hope

The Importance Of Moments

“Raising Good Humans” with Hunter Clarke-Fields

Nobody Understands Our Boys

Mid-Semester Pre-Holiday Momcast

We Need Another Rally To Restore Sanity

Darwin’s New Theory: More Laughter. More Joy.

An Important Note On Teenagers, Suicide, And Leading With Empathy

Tell Them You Are Proud And That You Love Them. Everyday.

Back To School Q&A

It’s Never Too Late

Back to School and Off to College

Two More Mass Shootings…

Amazing Grace

HBO’s Euphoria & Today’s Teenager

Giving Your Marriage/Relationship A Fresh Start

Giving Your Marriage/Relationship A Fresh Start

Tales From A High School Reunion: Enthusiasm, Introversion, & Conversation

Empty Nest Diaries

Is Food The New “F” Word?

Supporting Your Child’s Life Force

What Triggers Us


Do Our Kids Think “Adulting” Sucks? Are They Right?

Vision Boarding 101

Thoughts On College With Georgia, A High School Senior

College Admission Cheating Scandal

When To Seek Help

Nobody Cares…In The Best Way

Improving The Vibe In Your Home

A Must-Listen Guide To Vaping, Juuling, And A Disturbing New Marijuana Trend

Why Strength is True Fitness & Moving Is Living

New Year, New You? Nah!

The College Blues

Seasonal Affective December

The Benefits of Mindfulness and Meditation

‘Tis The Season

The Omega Man Program

Could Emotional Intelligence Class Solve Our Mass Shooting Crisis?

A Dream Comes True

How To Make Middle School Better

The Emotional Bank Account

All The Magic In A Princess Party

Feeling Unglued

On Sexual Assault

The News Blues

Coffee With Shirl

When we assume we know each other

A car-cast on the end of summer, the McCain’s, and the upside of feeling unbreakable

Finding Your Zone

Be Nice.

A Better New School Year

When Our Moods Don’t Match

How To Shift Out Of Anxiety

You Were Never A Teenager

Coupling And UnCoupling

Won’t You Be My Neighbor

The Johnny Karate Way

Live From Iceland

Thoughts On Suicide And How We Can All Help

College Tips with George

Ahhhhhh…. Alcohol?

Good News For A Rough Week

May, The Month Of Flux

Pomp And Circumstance

Cleveland Rocks!


The Wisdom Of Coach Walker

A Chat With Our Friends About Life

What’s going on with our boys.

Inhabit Your Body

The Big Announcement – Better.