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A Word on Gender Roles

Here are a few thoughts on children and gender roles: I encourage parents to follow and support their childrens' interests, independent of expected gender roles. There is a greater likelihood, in my experience, that a child will thrive in an area that interests him or her, than if they are pushed into roles solely because [...]


Setting the Stage

My wife and I met more than twenty years ago in an improv class at Chicago's famed Second City. So it's fun when we head down there to take in the latest show, which we did a couple weeks ago. Three guys took the stage, bare as usual save for three small chairs. And these [...]


Review of “The Shift”, by Dr. Wayne Dyer

We spend so much of our lives pushing, don't we, striving to attain some status, acquire some thing, know some important person, or earn some amount of money? We errantly believe that once we make that first million, or drive that Mercedes, or hob-nob with those Joneses, then we will have arrived. But as anyone [...]


Stocking Stuff

Stuff. It's so deceptive, you know? A few years ago, I was eyeing the newest, hottest Mac laptop computer. Sleek, steely, wildly hip. Believed that once I had that, well, then all the pieces will finally have fallen into place for me. I will compose great works, write ground-breaking music, edit bitchin' video footage. I [...]


The Heartbreak Kids

Over the past few months, I've noticed something interesting about teen relationships. They seem to have become, well, relationships again. Over the past several years, there has been a trend toward hanging out in packs, with allowances for occasional "hook-ups" within the group - typically not very serious stuff. In the past few months, however, [...]


Nordic Track

I usually head out for a quick run in the mornings. I tend to make this a pensive, insular, entirely solitary experience. The last thing I want to do is make small talk with somebody while I can barely breathe. So, on the morning in question, I started out early. I ventured over to the [...]


Fear Factor

"I'm so scared all the time. Before kids, I was never scared. Ever." In fact, this mom tells me she was a real risk-taker "back in the day," a true daredevil. She climbed mountains. She bungee-jumped. She rode a motorcycle. She ran "extreme" races. She loved this about herself. Made her feel alive. She smiles [...]


Is the Sky the Limit?

What were you told you were incapable of as a kid? Math? Singing? Running? Basketball? How many times did you have to hear it before you believed it, before you owned it entirely? Today I received, once again, a link to an inspiring amateur video of the final moments of a high school basketball game. [...]


The Mandate for Parents of Young Children: Availability

As his parent, you provide all of the context for the life of your young child. You are his life. You decide what he does, and when. Every person and situation he is exposed to falls within your purview. Everything that comes through his senses to his mind – every bit of it is provided [...]


Bad Seed?

"What do I do if I can't stand my kid?" This question was posed to me by the father of a teenage boy recently. His son is all "punked-out", as this dad put it. He doesn't really try very hard in school. There's the skateboarding and the earrings. His clothes are too big. And for [...]